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Braxton Hicks tend to happen after exercise or sex, or when you’re tired or dehydrated. If you get them, sit down or lie on your side, relax and drink water. They're baaack! You're 30 weeks pregnant — only 10 more to go!

30 weeks pregnant slapped cheek

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Sadly, there's an increased risk of miscarriage if you have slapped cheek disease during the first 20 weeks of your pregnancy. If you catch slapped cheek during week nine and week 20 of your pregnancy, it can also cause a condition called fetal hydrops.

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30 weeks pregnant slapped cheek

The virus that causes slapped cheek disease can affect a developing baby, so go and see your GP if you’re expecting and are concerned. “There is a slight risk of miscarriage if you are infected with the virus in the first 20 weeks of pregnancy. But this is rare and in most cases, women who have caught the virus early in pregnancy go on to have healthy babies,” says Dr Cannon. GP and expert in baby and women's health. It’s unlikely you’ll get slapped cheek syndrome, also known as fifth disease, from your toddler. It’s caused by a common virus, so you may have already had it at some point during your own childhood.

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30 weeks pregnant slapped cheek

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2018-7-16 · What are the risks of Slapped Cheek during pregnancy?
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Slapped cheek disease, also called the ‘fifth disease’ or erythema infectiosum is a viral infection caused by the human parovirus B19. It is called the ‘fifth disease’ because it is fifth among a common group of childhood diseases with similar rashes namely, measles and rubella, scarlet fever and Duke’s disease. Slapped cheek syndrome (fifth disease) is common in children and should clear up on its own within 3 weeks. It's rarer in adults, but can be more serious. Check if it's slapped cheek syndrome. The first sign of slapped cheek syndrome is usually feeling unwell for a few days. Symptoms may include: a high temperature of 38C or more Fifth disease is a childhood disease that appears as a bright red rash on the cheeks.