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Laserissa on Ellexin patentoima laserkide, jonka ansiosta SLT:n ja YAG:n valitseminen onnistuu nopeasti vain nappia painamalla. Laitteessa on huippuluokan YAG-laser, jolla voidaan tehdä toimenpide tarkasti ja alhaisemmilla energioilla. Lisäksi laite on suunniteltu suuren Find New or Used ELLEX Tango for sale on Bimedis. More than 400k listings. Fast worldwide delivery.

Ellex tango

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Ellex Tango combined SLT and YAG laser system. Search for: Recent Posts. We're moving! Mission Trip  Tango™ incorporates Ellex's proprietary SLT technology — providing superior energy control, a sharp-edged aiming beam and the industry's fastest firing rate of  Innovador SLT y tratamiento fotodisruptor desde un único sistema. El Tango de Ellex proporciona trabeculoplastia láser selectivo (SLT) y la capacidad  Engineered and built by Ellex, Tango™ brings together 30 years of manufacturing expertise and cutting-edge technology to deliver consistently better treatment  Jan 1, 2017 A new laser system (Tango Reflex, Ellex) combines specialized Nd:YAG vitreolysis settings for floaters with settings for trabeculoplasty,  Exeter Eye are pleased to announce the arrival of our latest laser, the Ellex Tango YAG & SLT laser. This beautifully engineered laser is perfect for treating the  Ellex .SLT Photoregeneration.

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With an enhanced view of the trabecular meshwork, you'll be able to perform SLT procedures faster and more accurately. The Ellex Tango provides selective laser trabeculoplasty (SLT) and YAG capabilities in a single, advanced laser system.

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Ellex tango

Only verified sellers. Yag SLT Combination Laser System w Factory Power Table & Warranty Condition: Refurbished Accessories Included: Yes Description: The Ellex Tango is with Tango Reflex kombinerar flera behandlingsplattformar i ett enda lasersystem - SLT för glaukom, laservitreolys för floaters samt behandlingar för capsulotomi och iridotomi. Genom att kombinera Ellex egenutvecklade Reflex Technology™ med SLT-teknologi gör Tango Reflex att du kan utföra alla typer av YAG-laserbehandlingar, liksom SLT. Ellexin Tango Reflex on suunniteltu suuren suosion saavuttaneeseen laservitreolyysiin eli lasiaisen harsomaisten samentumien poistoon. Sillä pystyy kohdentamaan lasersäteen erittäin tarkasti samentumaan ilman, että on vaaraa osua verkkokalvoon. Ellex.

Its SLT mode delivers an innovative, non-invasive surgical approach for stimulating the generation of healthy trabecular meshwork cells and managing intraocular pressure. This repeatable treatment promotes cellular The Ellex Tango is without question the gold standard for SLT/Yag combo lasers around the world. This is the most desirable and most reliable SLT/Yag combination system on the market today. Unit Includes Full 1 Year US Warranty Factory U-Recessed table Manuals & Original Literature Service reports Laser Safety glasses Dust Cover Laser Warning Sign Tango combines a full-featured SLT laser with Manufacturer Specifications - Tango SLT:YAG, Ellex Please note: None of the equipment posted for sale on MedWOW.com is owned by MedWOW, should you have any questions regarding a specific item, please direct them to the appropriate seller by making use of … You can add Community Subscriptions in the search bar that says "Subscribe to more communities" Tango Reflex™ incorporates Ellex’s proprietary SLT technology — providing superior energy control, a sharp-edged aiming beam and the industry’s fastest firing rate of three shots per second. With an enhanced view of the trabecular meshwork, you’ll be able to … For more than 30 years, physicians around the world have been deploying Ellex ophthalmic laser and ultrasound systems to achieve the highest standard of ophthalmic outcomes. Every day, our technology is helping to secure optimum results — safely, effectively, accurately and consistently.
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Ellex tango


Ellex maintains its position as the only company in the world to offer both a glaucoma SLT laser and a MIGS device. The Ellex exhibit as part of the ASCRS tradeshow exhibition will feature Tango Reflex, the Company’s premium combination laser for treating glaucoma, vitreous opacities (eye floaters) and post-cataract scar tissue.
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Z-1843-2011 - Ellex Tango LT5106-T ophthalmic laser (not sold in USA) 2 04/12/2011 Ellex Medical Pty Ltd Z-1842-2011 - Alcon 3000LE ophthalmic laser: 2 04/12/2011 Ellex Medical Pty Ltd - - Links on this page: Page Last Updated: 03/22/2021. Note: If you need help accessing In this roundtable discussion held during the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) 2017 in New Orleans, ophthalmologists working in glaucoma, retina, and cataract and refractive surgery talked with Inder Paul Singh, MD, about prospective clinical study data, hands-on experiences, and how their profession’s view of vitreolysis is evolving alongside growing data and the introduction of the Watch how SLT (Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty), the recommended first-line therapy for glaucoma, gently reduces intraocular pressure (IOP). SLT acts at a ce Tango™は、ウルトラガウシアンビームプロファイルが特徴で、ビーム形状の中心に大きなエネルギーを集中させて、高エネルギー密度を実現し、至適条件では約1.8 mJの光破壊(空中)が得られます。 ©Ellex Medical Lasers P/L Ellex Tango Reflex™ - SLT/YAG/Floater Tango Reflex™ combines multiple treatment platforms - SLT for glaucoma, laser vitreolysis for floaters, and capsulotomy and iridotomy treatments - in … Ellex Tango. Ref : 1966552-13-AW. Condition : Used.